Explore Rivertowns

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To the north of Yonkers city, right on Hudson River's eastern bank and less than twenty miles from the Square lies the Rivertowns. The Palisades cliffs dominate the villages, and it lies just across the Hudson RIver. These villages are situated below heavily wooded hills that rise about 400 ft. over the river. There was a time when this land was the home of native Americans, as well as, the early settlers of America. Also, Washington Irving lived here, including very widely renowned industrialists and celebs. Old Croton Aqueduct links the villages together, and it gives both bikers, as well as, hikers a very perfect opportunity for the exploration of different villages, historic sites, and more. Also, in the Rivertowns, there are bike trails, for example, the one at South County which lies above Old Putnam and can be accessed easily.

You are invited to explore the Rivertowns, which gives you a good escape from NYC. The Rivertowns are very ideal for residents of New York or if you are visiting from a different location altogether. If you’re looking to explore Hudson valley, its history, as well as, connect with the feeling of what it is actually like to lead a life of quietness in the world’s capital, then, Rockland County Rivertowns are the place to be. All around the year, there is so much to be enjoyed here. Here are some Rivertowns that you should consider visiting


This village is the home of a lot of artists, musicians, pro writers, water devotees, as well as, actors and outdoor enthusiasts. Situated on the Hudson River’s banks, this eclectic village is made up of lots of vibrant people. The downtown is very much walkable, and you'll find a wide variety of shops, dining areas, as well as, arts that will indeed get you excited. Then, get ready to experience the nightlife, which will be one of your most memorable experiences.


You will indeed get to enjoy the village of Piermont. In this village, there are lots of friendly residents who will welcome you with a warm greeting. Also, you’ll find very unique shops, fantastic local restaurants to whet your appetite and give you a treat, take bicycle rides through the amazing scenic area, and more. As soon as you get to discover Piermont, you might get addicted to this place and will find yourself always wanting to return to relive the experience over and over again.


When it comes to historic, ethnic, and cultural diversity, Haverstraw is a village that is rich in all of those things. The village is within a landscape that is very natural and breathtaking, and it's located at Hudson River’s widest point and in High Tor Mountain's shadow in the Palisades Escarpment. With an ever-growing population of over 12k persons, Haverstraw has a land area, which measures about 2 square miles. Historians are naturally drawn to this village, as well as, creatives and individuals that want to take a break from their suburban lifestyle.


Trust us when we say that the Hudson Valley is really worth visiting. There’s no room for boredom as you will always find one fun activity or the other to engage in. If you love the outdoor life, then, you could go for a hike or ride your bike. Also, you could get to do some sailing or kayaking. Then let's talk about the museum or some other historic sites, and you could cap it all up with a picnic at the park. There is a lot to explore and a wide range of restaurants to choose from. The shopping is fantastic as you will find adorable antique shops, as well as, art galleries. A sunset cruise, as well as, fantastic music wouldn't be a bad idea either. In fact, there is really so much to explore and enjoy in the Rivertowns. Here are some of the things that you could do if you find yourself in the Rivertowns –


So many alluring bike trails are located in the Hudson Valley. When you eventually get to ride these trails, you will get to wonder what took you such a long time.

Rivertowns Hiking

You will find so much fun walking and hiking when you get to the Rivertowns. It is indeed a very pleasurable activity to engage in if you visit the Rivertowns that have such a rich history, as well as, scenic areas. One of the best walking trails is the Historical Park situated at old Croton Aqueduct. This park lies parallel to the river which serves as a link between a lot of Rivertowns in Hudson. The aqueduct was built around the mid 19th century with the aim of ensuring that New York City got a fresh supply of water.

Paddle paddle paddle

Whichever way you decide to do your paddling, whether you do it by canoe or by kayak, you are sure to have quite an adventure in Hudson. You would hardly find an experience that matches the feeling of smelling an engine and hearing its noise while out paddling on the open river. The feeling is very peaceful and can get you relaxed.

Rivertown Parks

Outdoor activities very much enjoyed in the Rivertowns at Hudson and you find great joy when you visit very scenic parks which are located right on the river and around it. You can get to visit the Bear Mountain State Park, Croton Point Park, walkway above Hudson, as well as, George’s Island, Old Croton Park, and more.

Performing Arts

The area of the Rivertowns is very robust with performing arts. There are many venues that you can visit, and some very popular ones are –

Tarrytown Music Hall

This theatre was restored and sits about 843 persons. You will get to see varieties of dramatic, as well as, musical performances that take place with a setting that is inspired by the 19th century.

Paramount Center For The Arts

Here, live musical performances, as well as, films are presented all around the year. This theatre has, also, been recently restored and you will find art exhibits that change when you go to the upstairs gallery.

The Irvington Town Hall Theater

This theatre takes inspiration from the Ford Theatre which is located in Washington, DC. You can get to enjoy musical performances, as well as, plays which are always presented on a regular basis.